MSQuant: Beta 3 for MSquant v2.0: LC peak smoothing

LC peak smoothing (experimental) has been implemented.

And it is now possible to open a particular MB5 from the command-line or a .BAT file. Precede the full path to the MB5 file with (excluding the quotes): "-bin"

MSQuant: v2.0b3. Download (11.2 MB).

  • Added:

    Smoothing of LC peaks. The quantitation values for peptides and protein are recalculated. Use menu Quantitation/"Smooth LC profiles and do LC peak detection, etc." in the Quantitation window

  • Changes:

    The program no longer quits if no PTM scoring, MS3 scoring, quantiation or export are specified from the command-line. Instead it stays open with the specified opened MB5 file. This allows for fewer manual steps if the same MB5 file is worked on for a long time. E.g. the following can be put in a Shortcut (your paths may vary. Note that the full path to the MB5 file has been quoted as it contains spaces):

    D:\dproj\MSQall\MSQuant\bin\MSQuant.exe -bin "L:\tempCollection\temp20,JBquantTrouble\2010-01-20a,JAB,Quantitation Ratio Oddness\F091498.dat,QUANTMODE_v2.2 DimethylTag,SDUP,quantified q9276,dims defined.mb5"

    Note that it does not open immediately, wait 5-10 seconds. This interval may be shortend in a future version.

  • Bug fixes:


Posted by Peter Mortensen on 2010-02-22T15:42:00+0100