MSQuant: Release candidate for MSQuant v2.0: Beta 4

The beta testing period has ended (not really - see newer posting). This version is a release candidate and unless something catastrophic is discovered before 2010-02-25T22:00:00Z the final 2.0 version will be identical to this version.

MSQuant: v2.0b4. Download (11.2 MB).

  • Added:

    In the new LC profile display the LC points used for quantitation are now marked (with black filled circles).

    In the new LC profile display the MS-MS sequencing event (that identified the peptide) is now marked with a cyan vertical line.

  • Changes:

    The maximum time distance for LC peak detection was set back to the previous value (effectively infinite). It was 10 seconds for a while.

  • Bug fixes:

    The Analyst/QSTAR spectrum is now correctly positioned in the Protein Validation window.

    The spectrum markers for Micromass/Qtof spectrum in the Quantitation window are now correctly positioned vertically.

Posted by Peter Mortensen on 2010-02-25T11:02:00+0100