MSQuant: Beta 6 for MSquant v2.0: beta testing unexpectedly continues

A serious problem was discovered in the last moment. Unmodified and N15 labeled peptides could no longer be quantified. After a few fixes it now works for unmodified peptides. It is not known whether it works for N15 (changes have been made for this, but it has not been tested.) The beta testing period continues indefinitely until all serious issues have been resolved. (Beta 5 was only was released to the public.)

MSQuant: v2.0b6. Download (11.9 MB).

  • Added:


  • Changes: <none>
  • Bug fixes:

    Unmodified peptides now enter the quantitation window. And quantitation works for them, at least the Lyris yeast standard data set (double encoding, Lys8).

    A number of crashes in the display of LC profiles were fixed.

Posted by Peter Mortensen on 2010-03-17T20:24:00+0100